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I recently upgraded to Mac OS X Lion, and since upgrading, my Citrix Viewer crashes as soon as it starts to initialize. Sometimes the Citrix viewer window will actually launch, open, begin to render the app windows, but then crashes about 3 seconds into it. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Citrix Online Plug-in (11.2) for Mac, then restarting, but the problem persists.

I have attached the crash log. Can anyone provide step-by-step instructions on how to resolve this, or confirm if this is an open issue? First off, I stumbled across this issue when I realized that my Mac Air was at almost full CPU. A quick search found the solution to be running this command on the Mac sudo launchctl unload -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.citrix.agadminservice.plist This fixed the CPU issue but killed my plug-in. I found that by selecting the Java plug-in, I was able to once again get connected. It's slower than molasses but it does work. BTW, make sure to install Java from Apple and do it before the receiver is installed to avoid other issues.

BTW, I'm running OSX 10.7 and Receiver 11.3. Version 11.4 has not solved the problem, at least not on my machine.

I have a macbook air running OS 10.7 (Lion). I was given this download and told 'here, this works. Mac Filtering Software Download. ' I'm attempting to access a database using a third party online portal (sorry if my vernacular is off here, just trying to be clear about what's going on), and when I do the viewer loads up, opens a window that I guess should be the virtual desktop, but it just remains a black screen, the dialog box sits there trying to connect, and it eventually times out and shuts itself down (or crashes, if this is what other users have experienced). If anyone out there can give me a workaround, a version of this thing that actually works like it's supposed to, or any other advice, it would be appreciated.

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I was supposed to be up and running two days ago and this is costing me time and money on this project. Hello and thank you for your answer. I'm sorry I reply that late, but I didn't get a notification the thread has been answered.

No, the plugin doesn't crash, but it starts, displaying 'connecting to XXXXXX.' And after ca 30' it displays the error message attached ('Connection to server XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX failed - Error number: 51'). Any solution in the pipeline?

C Language Download For Mac. It seems that at least MacBook Air running 10.7 natively (aka 10.7 delivered with the computer, no update) are concerned. Thank you very much for your prompt answer. Hi I am also having the same problem. I was using Snow Leopard everything worked just fine. Upgraded to Lion (10.7) and doesn't work at all with 11.2. I was able to install the Citrix xenapp 11.4 and get it to work for a few hours (long enough to get what I needed done).

But the second time I tried to use the program it crashes, I get an SSL error 4 unable to connect to network error. I have uninstalled and re-installed 11.4 and cleaned cache and now I get a tiny bit further but essentially I have now got a blue screen where the application should be. This is a huge issue for me as I need citrix for the accounting software we use as I don't have a Windows machine at all. Looking forward to an urgent fix. I too have just discovered the cause of my hours of misery as being the Citrix client.

I changed to the online version of my book-keeping program and it insists on installing this client. Looking back through the posts I see this has been an issue for 6+ months and still no solution That is nothing short of pathetic, both on the part of Reckon and Citrix. I have paid for commercial prices for commercial grade software for commercial purposes and I expect it to work. I am so over having to geek my way around things and if it wasn't for forums such as these the public dissatisfaction would not be visible. I installed 11.2 which slowly caused 2.6Gb of RAM to be inactive and made my machine glacial in response. I am not going to down grade my OS to solve this so????

But in the mean time I cant access my records Cheers. Retail Mac OSX 10.7 & Safari just purchased.