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Registered users please log in to your account or register now to download a free copy of Image Lab 6.0.1 or Image Lab Touch. Image Lab™ Software for Mac Version. Images acquired on a ChemiDoc MP or ChemiDoc Imaging System can also be analyzed on a standalone PC or Mac using Image Lab Software we need Image Lab™ Software # for bio rad to visualize chemiluminescence, the original software actually got corrupted and getting from company is. 20 Mar This message includes the link to download. Trusted Windows (PC) download Image Lab 3.0.39529. Virus-free and 100% clean download. Get Image Lab alternative downloads. Download Image Lab Download Gmail App For Mac more. 2.2.4 software from our fast and free software download directory.

Hi All, It was a pleasure working with you today. Any feedback concerning the training is welcome! This message includes the link to download ImageLab 5.2 and two papers that I recently published (June 2013 and March 2014) in Molecular Biotechnology () and BioMed Research International () on how to produce quantitative western blots. I also recorded two videos that will walk you through each article and the links are below “Western Blot Tutorial”. I hope this demo and associated training gives you a good perspective on our technology and also on the support that you can expect when you are part of our customer base.

Our new software tool, ImageLab 5.2 will allow you to perform sophisticated densitometric analysis of your gels and blots with this very simple and user-friendly software. The software is NOT license protected so does not require a USB security key to run which gives you the freedom to use it on any PC or MAC computer. The software will load images generated with our VersaDoc, ChemiDoc, GelDoc, Pharos as well as our newest imager, the ChemiDoc Touch. Here is the link to Image Lab 5.2 for both Mac and PC: ImageLab 6.0 This version has a new Normalization tool which is very useful for western blot analysis.

I also recorded some training videos for you to learn how to quickly use the software, and how to do quantitative gel and blot analysis. The video links are as follows: Image Analysis: Multifluorescent with Stain Free Normalization: Chemi with Single Protein Normalization: You need Java on your computers and your browser will probably give you a security message at the top that you need to click on to download the file to your computer so you can watch the video. Hopefully, it will be a simple process to view the videos and let me know if you have any problems. Western Blot Tutorial – BMRI: Western Blot Tutorial – Mol Bio: Droplet Digital PCR: On a different topic, we have recently launched our new chemiluminescent detection reagent – Clarity Western ECL Substrate (see attached)! This product is designed to provide high performance blot detection at an affordable price for every lab. Also some info about our TGX Stain-Free FastCCast Acrylamide kits.

Image Lab Free Download MacImage Lab Free Download Mac

Best Regards, Sean Taylor Field Application Specialist E: [email protected] For All Technical Support T: 1-800-424-6723 E: [email protected]