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Interesting SAPGUI thread. We are actually packaging SAPGUI 7.40v10 now.

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In this video tutorial, we demonstrate how to install SAP GUI (Java) on Mac (OS X Mavericks). The same steps are likely going to work with other versions of. I recently installed SAP GUI on my MAC, OS yosemite. After some pitfalls I managed to make it up and running. So, I thought of writing the steps followed for others striving to achieve the same. Dear All, I need install the SAP GUI for MAC OS (JAVA) Procedure. Kindly request you to guide us this issue. Best Regards, Thiru.

Hopefully the Java commands can work without someone logged in. Would love to avoid capturing the folder, although it looks like only these items are installed by the Java file: /Appplications/SAP Clients/ /Library/Preferences/SAP/sapgui.registry And then we have to deploy the SAMGUILandscape.xml file, hopefully it can be deployed to the same /Library/Preferences/SAP/ directory.would hate to see has to go into /Library/'$USER'/Library/Preferences/SAP/. SHM at how the Java installer defaults to putting the log file into /var/root/sapgui.log, we of course changed the path to /var/log/sapgui.log.

Thanks, putting it into /Library/Preferences/SAP/ didn't seem to work, so will follow your lead and put into each users' home directory. Curious if you're putting the sapgui.registry into /Library/Preferences/SAP/ or if you're putting that into each users' home directory as well? Tried several variations of their install command, including using --elevated (which seems to imply won't need any interation), and/or using --slaveprocess (which is kind of vague), such as: $ sudo java -jar /path/to/PlatinGUI740_10-XXXXXXXX.JAR install --force --nodesktopicons --register --slaveprocess --standard --elevated --logfile '/var/log/sapgui.log' --installdir '/Applications/SAP Clients' But the command won't work unless someone is logged in.AND.unless that person or someone else is able to authenticate the dialog box that comes up. Not very silent even though invoked using sudo. Here is their command line help, unfortunately no examples of how to deploy this to thousands of users silently. Looks like the community duct tape made them complacent.

Hello all, I tried to download the SAP GUI for Mac with no sucess. Every time I click to download the site requests an username and password which I don't know or don't have. Guide to Install SAP GUI and test connection on MAC. Download the SAP GUI for JAVA, from sap service market place, download centre by following the below link.

Sap Gui Tutorial

$ java -jar /path/to/PlatinGUI740_1-20012037.JAR uninstall -?

• • • • • • • Before You Begin • Mac OS X 10.8 or higher • Ensure that you have Administrator privileges on the system. • Ensure that you have 350 MB free on your computer's hard drive. • If you are logged into SAPgui, log off and 'Quit' the SAPgui application.

• If you have an SAP folder on your hard drive within the Applications folder, make a note of the name of the folder. You will be able to revert to the prior version if necessary. Pre-Installation Instructions A.

SAPgui and Kerberos Tickets Acquire Kerberos tickets. Tickets are required to connect to SAP systems • SAPgui may bring up the Ticket Viewer to prompt you to obtain Kerberos tickets. If not: • You may see an error mentioning 'GSS-API' • SAPgui may stall at 'Connecting.' • Your SAPgui session may freeze.

All of these behaviors mean that either you do not have Kerberos tickets, or your Kerberos tickets have expired. To resolve that issue, use the instruction below to get tickets manually. • How to get Kerberos tickets manually • Launch Kerberos Ticket Viewer ( Applications >Utilities >Ticket Viewer). • Enter your Kerberos username (the first part of your email address), and your Kerberos password (the password used to check your email).

NOTE: Your Kerberos tickets will last for 10 hours only, and have to be manually renewed if you wish to remain in SAP longer. If you do wish to remain in SAP longer than 10 hours, it's a good idea to renew them at least 20 minutes or so before they expire. Ensure Kerberos Extras is installed. Install Oracle Java 8 JDK Note: SAPgui 7.40 for Mac requires Oracle Java 8 JDK. Go to to download Java SE Development Kit 8 for Mac OS X. • Double-click on the JDK Installer package. Result: The installer opens.

Jvm 1.4 1 For Mac Download. • Click Continue to begin the Oracle Java JDK installer. Result: The Destination Select window opens. • To install for all users of the computer, click Continue. Result: The Installation Type window opens. • For a standard install, click Install. Result: You are prompted for your administrator password.