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Sims 3 Pets Download Mac

Autocad Lt 2014 Mac Download there. I downloaded the Sims 3 Pets for my Mac tonight. It installed perfectly and everything, but when I try to open it, the launcher does not show up. The Sims 3: Pets is the fifth expansion pack for The Sims 3 for PC and Mac, and is the second console game of the series. The Sims 3: Pets was released in North.

I really like this game. I have not experienced any bugs or problems installing this game or playing it. I was surprised to see a whole new town and houses, plus many new families. I think how they did this game was really cool. Now if they would only come out with seasons? I really like how they came out with the horses and how you can collect many different animals. I only wish they would have had more kids clothing and hair do's otherwise I think the game is great.

Oh and make sure that your computer can run the game, otherwise I have heard there are troubles with this product. The Sims series is one that I have long enjoyed. Last Christmas when I was looking around for something to get myself, it didn't take me long to decide. I had been enjoying the Sims 2 for quite some time, so I decided to upgrade.

I bought the combination of the base Sims3 as well as this expansion and one other. Gameplay itself is much improved. I quite like the additional features, yet it still retained the familiarity of the Sims 2. The base game works just fine on my computer with no issues and very little lag. Then came the Pets. I was very excited about this part of the game, because you finally get to control the pets the way you can the Sims themselves.

It sounded like an amazing upgrade, so as soon as Christmas came I eagerly installed and updated my game, only to suffer extreme disappointment. Visit Youtube and you can readily find videos of the kind of distortion I was dismayed to find occurring in my game. It only seems to effect the pets themselves, and only the cats, dogs, and horses at that. They simply don't render properly. Their images are horridly distorted such that one cannot even tell the species until a sound effect gives it away. Often some body parts will float some distance away or be turned around backwards altogether! It is impossible to enjoy playing with pets that look more like the result of a nuclear attack.

I can't use what was one of my main motivations for playing the game. For the first few months, owners of the Sims Pets expansion, many of whom were suffering as I was, were led to believe there would be a patch. I had faith that this was true, and during this time bought the Sims Medieval as well. As it turns out, we were lied to. EA Games now says that it is not their problem, and refuse to fix this glitch.

My only option is to turn to third party software, or just not play an expansion I have already paid $30 to get! There is a third party solution out there too, so I know it is not just our computers. EA Games is being completely irresponsible and ignoring the needs of consumers of what is probably their most popular product. Sadly because of this I will not be buying anything more from them until I can see for sure that it works properly, and I will definitely never buy until the cost goes down. I, for one, cannot afford to throw away another $30-40 on a product the company will not even ensure is working properly. EA was not ready to release Sims 3 Pets, there is a glitch where every 3-5 seconds the characters freeze but the water and sound continues.